January 20, 2019

Transition Period

  • CCCM is blessed to have an experienced and well-qualified staff

  • Pastoral staff has already prepared the sermon preaching schedule

  • The elders have great confidence in our staff’s ability to continue our mission

  • The elders and pastoral staff have been working together since Pastor Mark’s announcement in December to provide a seamless transition process

  • There are 3 phases on our road to a new Senior Pastor/Head of Staff

  • 1st  phase – Current pastoral staff and elders provide leadership continuity

  • 2nd phase – Transitional Pastor search and hiring

  • 3rd phase – New Senior Pastor/Head of Staff search process and hiring

Long Term Plans

  • January 8th the Board of Elders commissioned Gail Cain, Abbott Smith and Dave Hohl as the Transitional Pastor search team

  • The team will identify a small pool of candidates

  • The Board of Elders will decide upon a single candidate

  • Hiring the Transitional Pastor requires the approval of the Board of Elders

  • There is no congregational vote involved

  • Jan 15th the elders approved the Transitional Pastor profile, which defines the job qualifications and duties

  • The Transitional Pastor will be responsible for the majority of preaching and will act as head of staff

  • The search team has met with pastoral staff and held 2 meetings preparing for the search process

Approval Process and Timelines

  • Approval processes (according to ECO governance policies)

    • Transitional Pastor search team -– selection and approval by Board of Elders

    • Senior Pastor search process –- selection and approval by Board of Elders

    • Senior Pastor final approval–- congregational vote

  • Timelines (prayerful  estimates)

  • Transitional Pastor selection 2 to 3 months

  • Senior Pastor search traditionally takes 12-18 months

  • ECO governance policies allow for possibility of using processes to shorten that time