English as a Second Language

If you or someone you know would like help to learn the English language -- regardless of your faith background -- we can help!  We have over 25 classes that meet each week.  Our ESL classes are not just a great place to learn English; they're a great place to make new friends. Contact the church office at 408-262-8000 for more information.


CCCM offers beginner, intermediate & advanced ESL classes including:

  • Beginning Life Skills

  • Pronunciation Conversation

  • Current Events

  • Grammar

  • Listening

  • Writing

  • Reading

  • Bible Classes - Open to everyone

  • Citizenship Class

  • Very Elementary Introduction Class


$50 yearly registration fee (to cover the cost of materials)

Child Care

Free - Sunday only; 0-9 years old.

Language Evaluation and Registration

10:30 am, Room 105 (Yosemite) in the Worship Center

12:00 pm, Room 105 (Yosemite) in the Worship Center

12:00 pm, Room 105 (Yosemite) in the Worship Center

Click here for a CCCM campus map          Click here for a Worship Center room map

A small written and oral test will be given to determine class placement.