December 16, 2018 Update

Short Term Plans

  • The Board of Elders has already begun working with the denomination regarding the process of finding a Transitional Pastor.

  • We hope to finalize a pastor profile by next Tuesday.

  • We are evaluating options for how to conduct the search, including using the denomination’s services, partnering with a search firm and utilizing pastor job boards.

  • The earliest we expect to be able to have a pastor in place is the end of February, but it will likely be later than that.

  • The hiring of the Transitional Pastor only requires the approval of the Board of Elders. There is no congregational vote involved.

  • The Transitional Pastor will take over the majority of the preaching responsibilities and will act as head of staff.

Long Term Plans

  • After the Transitional Pastor has come on board, the Board of Elders will begin the process of searching for a permanent replacement for Mark.

  • This process typically takes 12 – 18 months.

  • The final candidate must be approved by a congregational vote.