New Classes Begin APRIl 2

We are called to be disciples of Christ. It is a privilege for CCCM to help equip you to grow spiritually. This page will help guide and equip you in your spiritual journey.

Quarterly, we will announce specific offerings available to you in each category.  Select from IntroductoryCore, Family, Leadership, and Western Seminary offerings.

Unsure of which Core offerings to take?  We've created a Self-Assessment Tool to help you with that.

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Discipleship Explored

Sundays, APRIL 2 - MAY 28  |  3 PM  |  Reeds' Home

This eight-week course explores Paul's letter to the Philippians and its call to live wholeheartedly for Christ.  This course is a continuation group for newer believers.

Tour Guides:  Ken and Patricia Reed and Friends.  To learn more, please email Ken Reed.  There is a $5 fee for materials.

Christianity Explored - ESL

SUNDAYS  |  10:45 AM  |  ROOM 202 in the Education center

Do you have questions about the Christian faith, such as: Who is Jesus?  Why did Jesus come?  Why did Jesus die? If so, come attend a slow-paced Christianity Explored class at 9 AM in Room 202 in the Education Center.  This is a safe place to ask questions and get answers.


The Big Story of Scripture II

Wednesdays, APRIL 5 - MAY 24  |  6:30 PM  |  Chapel

All are invited to attend our Wednesday Night Bible Study for this study, The Big Story of Scripture: Creation, Fall, Redemption, and Restoration, led by Jim Tirone & Eddie Ogihara.  This study will provide an overview of the Bible’s key themes, show what the teachings meant to the people at the time, and explain how those teachings apply to your life today.  You will gain a greater understanding of Scripture, learn how all the books work together, and better understand what God has done to make a way for you to come to him.  From Genesis to Revelation, gain perspective of God’s gracious and loving plan to call us into His family.  Come join us!

Christian Beliefs

Sundays, April 2 - JUNE 11  |  9:00 AM  |  Yosemite Room

This seminar is one of our CORE classes and is an understandable summary of foundational Christian Beliefs (Theology). The focus will be on the Bible as the source of what Christians believe with an emphasis on practical application.  You will gain a greater appreciation and understanding of the foundation of your Christian faith.  Led by Pastor Jim Tirone.  


Ready-3: Evidences for Jesus

Sundays, April 9 - MAY 28  |  10:45 AM  |  Room 201 in the Education Center

How can we explain to our children and others that Jesus actually lived, died and rose from the grave?  Do we have any evidence outside of the Bible?  How can we give a reason without falling into the trap of circular reasoning?  This class is a timely call for everyone to be equipped and to help others to investigate the evidence.    Led by Pastor Johnson Chiu.  *Note:  No prerequisite is required for this class.

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Equipping Leaders

Sundays, APRIl 2 - MAY 7  |  9:00 AM  |  SEQUOIA ROOM

Learn and practice leadership skills in a combination of workshops, case studies, and teaching.  We will use multi-media examples and review best practices in areas like team building, visioning, decision making, strategy, and boardsmanship. It will also include leadership principles within the church, how this is different, and how you can “lead from where you are”. Don’t miss this opportunity to develop the leader within you. The class is being taught by Abbott Smith, retired senior management from Hewlett Packard, and Eddie Ogihara, in senior management at Netflix.

Western Seminary Classes:

Western Seminary Courses at CCCM

Exciting news!  Our CCCM church family may now AUDIT classes at Western Seminary at no cost.  Western Seminary brings a wonderful opportunity for quality enrichment to CCCM by offering Seminary classes from highly qualified professors to our congregation, right on our church campus.  Many courses are offered evenings and weekends. These classes will help equip you to disciple others. These are a few of the classes, but there are many more:
   -  Practicing Prayer and Other Key Disciplines
   -  Discovering and Developing Your Ministry Potential
   -  Practicing Evangelism and Apologetics

Spring 2017 classes are now underway ... click here today for more information.

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