We are called to be disciples of Christ. It is a privilege for CCCM to help equip you to grow spiritually. This page will help guide and equip you in your spiritual journey.

Quarterly, we will announce specific offerings available to you.  They will be in the areas of Connect, Core, Family, Ministry, Leadership, and Bible.

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Unsure of which Core offerings to take?  We've created a Self-Assessment Tool to help you with that.


Christianity Explored - ESL

SUNDAYS  |  10:45 AM  |  ROOM 202 in the Education center

Do you have questions about the Christian faith, such as: Who is Jesus?  Why did Jesus come?  Why did Jesus die? If so, come attend a slow-paced Christianity Explored class at 10:45 AM in Room 202 in the Education Center.  This is a safe place to ask questions and get answers.


The Life of Christ

SUNDAYS  |  Sep. 17 – Dec. 17  |  10:45 AM  |  WS Class Room 201-EC

For many of us, the life of Christ presented in the four Gospels is a blur of unrelated activities.  We see Jesus teaching, healing, going to Jerusalem, arguing with the Pharisees, and so on.  But few of us have a unified grasp of these activities in the context of His overall mission and message.  Join an adult Bible class, "The Life of Christ," and learn how to fit the major events of His life into a unified whole.  Taking this class will help you read the Gospels with a greater appreciation of His intentional and focused life.

The Big Story of Scripture

Wednesdays  |  Sep. 13 – Dec. 13  |  6:30 PM  |  Chapel

Equipping you to understand how all the parts of the Bible fit together. From Genesis to Revelation, gain perspective of God’s gracious and loving plan to call us into His family.


God & Science

SUNDAYS  |  Sep. 17 – Dec. 10  |  9:00 AM  |  Chapel

Does science conflict with Christianity or does it support it?  We will explore evolution, creation theories, and intelligent design and see how these topics are more than intellectual exercises but critical in our faith development.

Shepherding a Child’s Heart

Sundays  |  Sep. 17 – Dec. 10  |  10:45 AM  |  Chapel

Based on the best selling book by Tedd Tripp, this is one of the most practical series to help parents speak to the heart of their child.  The principles here are proven for all ages! 

Western Seminary Courses at CCCM

Exciting news!  Our CCCM church family may now AUDIT classes at Western Seminary at no cost.  Western Seminary brings a wonderful opportunity for quality enrichment to CCCM by offering Seminary classes from highly qualified professors to our congregation, right on our church campus.  Many courses are offered evenings and weekends. These classes will help equip you to disciple others. These are a few of the classes to audit, but there are many more:
   -  CNS561L, Premarital Counseling
   -  ML207 H, Gospel Responses to Contemporary Challenges
   -  TH502, Glorifying the Word of Life: Theology II

Spring classes registration is now open ... click here today for more information.

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